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To many, feet are the alien looking things on the end of your legs, they are the weird cousins of the hands, the ugly duckling of the body.

The hands… we love them, adorn them with jewels, moisturise them, lavishly paint them with every colour known to man… meanwhile down south the poor feet are encased in ill-fitting shoes, suffering gasps of horror by on lookers, beaten by concrete and stone… is this really fair?

Don’t neglect your feet, you’d be surprised how much they do for you, they might not be able to paint a Picasso like the hands but they do a far more important day to day job.

Without them we couldn’t stand, walk, run, even fight the force of gravity… can you really see the hands doing this hard day’s graft?

Did you know that your feet impact your hips, knees, lower back and even your neck?

So a few tips for happy feet…


Feet love nothing more than a good rub after a hard day’s work. Why not try using a Spikey Massage Ball to ease out tension. Stand on the ball and slowly roll it around your foot, alternatively try standing with the Spikey Massage Ball under the arch of your foot, and feel the tension melt away. Purchase Spikey Massage Ball £6 in the studio.


Your toes love to be moved and mobilised – this is why we love our ToeSox Gripped Socks and now our ToeSox Sandals – they love your feet and your feet love them back.

ToeSox Gripped Socks

Stretch It Out

Get those feet moving! Stiff feet don’t work correctly, walking with a stiff, flat foot all day won’t do you or your feet any favours. Feet like to move in a rocking motion (heel to toe) get some movement into them by moving the ankle around in circles, spreading your toes and scrunching and un-scrunching your feet. Our Footwork exercises in class are excellent for mobilising the feet.

Did you know you can actually ease tension all the way up the body by loosening the feet? Give it a try, roll down through the spine and see how far you get, use the Spikey Massage Ball above for 5 minutes then forward bend the spine again… see the difference?

So remember to love your feet, they were hands once upon a time!

ToeSox Gripped Socks