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During this unprecedented time with the coronavirus pandemic, we are constantly monitoring all information on the situation and moving as quickly and rationally as we possibly can to keep YOU safe and the studios up and running.
We are all aware of what we need to be doing to make sure that we are safe and how to practice safe hygiene. We wanted to share with you some additional information on what steps we are taking in the studios, and information on keeping our immune systems strong and healthy and how working out in small groups is still good for us!
Exercise is an Immunity Booster! Plus being a great stress reliever, it has been proven that exercise is a key component to building and creating a strong immune system in addition to eating healthy fruits and vegetables, sleeping, hydration and sunlight exposure. Exercise helps increase white blood cell count to fight those feisty viruses and flush bacteria from the body. Exercise is still something that doctors are recommending during the social distancing period.
Clean Studios! We use medical grade disinfectants (and always have) to clean the studios thoroughly. We have increased cleaning procedures in both studios including cleaning door handles before and after class. We have hand sanitising gel available at the reception desk and in the studio so before, during and after class you can clean your hands.
Bring Your Own! Please feel free to bring your own cleaning products, sanitiser and gloves to the studio – anything that makes you feel calm and comfortable.
Hands on Corrections! For your peace of mind, our Instructors regularly wash our hands and use hand sanitiser. If you do not wish for any instructors to correct you during class, please just let your instructor know. Corrections are an integral part of our classes and your experience with us.
Good News – Safety! When you are in the studio you only use one reformer and all its accessories – there is no sharing. Before and after class your equipment is cleaned with antibacterial so no concerns of cross contamination.
Good News – Class Size! For social distancing, the number of people that should be in one space for an extended period of time ranges from 50 to 1000 depending on the definition. Many reports we have read recommend working out in exercise classes with less than 15 people – which is perfect for our studios as we have a maximum of 14 clients in one studio plus our instructor makes it a total of 15!
This pandemic is new to all of us and it is scary, the unknown and the constant change is scary and provokes fear in all of us. Remember to stay calm, you are in control of your mind and your thoughts – stay calm, stay safe, stay smart and stay amazing. The power is in our hands, keep eating healthy, stay hydrated, keep exercising, get fresh air and daylight (even if the sun isn’t shining) and if you are feeling unwell – self isolate and see the bigger picture.
We will get through this pandemic – one step at a time.