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Glutes & Core Workshop
Saturday 21st March 2020
11.15am – 12.30pm
at Altrincham Studio
with Catherine
This is a great workshop for everyone to attend. Our glutes and core muscles are the key muscles in our bodies which help us stand up tall, help us move around everyday from sitting to standing, to walking and running.
In this workshop we will cover:
1. How to activate & engage your Glutes aka bum muscles 
2. How to activate & engage all 4 core muscles 
3. How to engage these muscles whilst in different positions 
This workshop is essential for ALL to attend and will change the way you move, change the way you look and workout in all of our classes. This workshop is especially good if you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain and/or knee pain. 
Membership clients – workshop is FREE
Non membership clients – workshop is £10
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