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Transform Your Body – Free Workshop
Thursday 5th July @ 7.30pm

The winning formula to a complete and lasting body transformation!
An evening workshop where we will be discussing how MINDSET, NUTRITION AND EXERCISE are the three key pillars to a winning formula to a complete and lasting body transformation!

Hosted by Catherine Hebb from Runway Pilates and Sarah Yates our Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Come along and see how we can help you!


Catherine is the founder and owner of Runway Pilates.

Catherine’s purpose in life is to inspire and help people achieve their goals and use their bodies and minds as a facilitator for this. As a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Therapist Catherine is an experienced bodywork practitioner with vast experience in everything relating to movement. From an early age Catherine loved participating in sports and led an active lifestyle, 15 years ago this came to an abrupt end when she experienced severe knee and lower back pain. When no one could tell her what the primary cause was or the solution this set about the next 15 years of Catherine’s life finding a natural way to treat the body and keep injuries at bay away from the surgeon’s knife.

Catherine set up Runway Pilates with her passion to empower clients to enjoy their lives free from injury and in a body that feels and moves for them. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients stand taller, feel stronger & move with confidence. The Reformer Pilates Classes enable clients to do just that as well as improve posture, build core strength & reduce stress.


Sarah’s purpose in life is to inspire and encourage people to live life on their own terms and free them from the old outdated constructs in their mind. In pursuit of her own happiness she has spent the last 10 years exploring, studying and learning the principles of the mind, the body and the soul connection.

Sarah loves to play with the idea that we are only limited by our own imaginations and if Elon Musk can put a car in space then surely happiness and fulfilment is achievable for us all in this lifetime! She has learnt strategies from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, The Silva Method, Applied Kinesiology, Tony Robbins, Tolly Burkan and last year qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist with the world renowned celebrity therapist Marisa Peer.

Seeing inside the program of her own mind has now quite literally changed her own self concept and she can’t wait to share her experience of transformation with others.

Sarah believes we really are the creators of our own reality and by starting with a willingness to be open and courageous, we all have the capacity to live the life of our dreams with ease and flow.

We are conscious that we need to keep our clients on their toes and therefore have introduced or brought back some more classes! We hope you are enjoying them, but again feel free to drop us a line – we really do welcome your feedback!