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Welcome to Runway Pilates

We know. It sounds intimidating.

‘I’m not fit enough’, ‘I’m not slim enough’, it looks like something out of 50 Shades of Grey and you’re not sure what moves where….

Don’t worry – everyone feels the same first time. But here’s the thing – yes, it will be the hardest exercise class you’ve ever done. But it’s motivating, fun and worth it.

Runway Pilates is a boutique Reformer Pilates Studio with results driven workouts and music-fuelled 45 minute classes. Exercise will never be as enjoyable anywhere else.

The best bit? You will not get injured in our classes. Our expert instructors guide you through movements you didn’t know you were capable of, helping you build a lean, streamlined form that’s perfectly balanced and resilient in the face of injury.

It’s the perfect combination: expert Instruction, the very best equipment and a dynamic, varied class timetable, where no two sessions are quite the same. The results? Spinal mobility, flexibility and a lifetime of supermodel results that will keep you looking and feeling incredible. Want in? Thought so!

Where do I start?

Pick one of our New To Runway offers. Click here to buy.

Which class should I book?

If you’re new to us we recommend Runway Classic. It’s a technique masterclass taking you through the fundamental principles you’ll need to get the most from Runway. Injuries or back pain? Try Back Care, a slower, technique focused session emphasising spinal mobility.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes you can move easily in. For safety and hygiene, we ask all members to wear grip socks. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, we sell ranges in both studios.

What next?

We want you to love working out with Runway Pilates and we’re passionate about providing varied timetables and flexible pricing to fit around your busy life.

If you can come regularly, our monthly memberships are ideal. The more you work out, the more cost effective they become! Unreliable schedule? We hear you. Our class packs are designed to help you experience Runway Pilates around busy lives, work and travel. Once purchased, your sessions are valid for 3 months.

Then download the Runway Pilates app from your app store to book classes on the go. Just make sure you cancel within 24hrs if you can’t make it, or you’ll lose your class and be charged a £5 no show fee. See you on the Runway!