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Personal Tuition

If you have any specific and targeted goals that you need to meet, personal tuition is a great option.

We can tailor each session to help you especially if you have any injuries, are in rehabilitation or want to work on performance. You will benefit from a personalised training programme to meet all of your individual needs and goals.

A lot of our new clients also enjoy a personal tuition session…. especially if they feel initially nervous about attending a class with all those scary machines!

Runway Pilates improves your performance by conditioning your entire body enabling it to move more efficiently and with ease. Balance, Coordination and injury prevention are a few of the benefits you will receive when you start with Runway. You will never look back after incorporating Runway Pilates in your training programme.

Rehabilitation at Runway Pilates works with the body as a whole in a low impact way, enabling you to move safer and smarter. By using the basic principles of Pilates we improve your posture, muscle activation and enhance your core strength and stability to ensure you and your body have the best start to enjoy life.