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“I did not like going to the gym, I never really enjoyed it and did not give it 100%.  Runway Pilates has been amazing. I now attend 5 sessions a week and love it. The best result from working with Runway is my legs! I can finally wear shorts and I am thrilled to bits.”
Lesley S

“I spent many hours at the gym or out running which resulted in injuries and creating bulk and muscle. I absolutely love the classes and I like that every class is never the same.  All the instructors are very friendly and approachable and explain everything properly. I am already feeling more toned and much more energised.”
Geraldine S

“I used to go to the gym a long time ago.  I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and have felt energised and already noticed a difference regarding toning.  The professionalism of the team is exceptional. A lovely, happy, upbeat environment.”
Karen T

“I suffer from back pain and after my first taster class found it fun and straight away it relived the lower back pain I had been experiencing for some months.  My back pain Is massively improved my posture is better, I feel healthier, each class is so all consuming I cannot think about everything else when I am there. Perhaps the best result is that because I enjoy it so much it is giving my the kick start I needed to try to make the rest of my lifestyle healthier.”
Frances F

Who is it for?

Everyone and Anyone. Runway Pilates sets your body up for success in whatever it does.

Whether you’re training, toning or recovering, you’ll do it better, stronger and more efficiently.