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The Transformation Package

Our Transformation Package is the crème de la crème of packages which will help you achieve the goals and the life you want.

From our experience it is essential to address all 3 pillars – EXERCISE (make it intelligent), NUTRITION and MINDSET in order for you to achieve all your goals and also sustain them.

MINDSET is the key to holding it all together – Your mindset is a collection of your own thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. These thought habits affect how you think, what you feel and what you do!

Our expert instructors who are well versed in mindset work will guide you and assist in teaching a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed) which helps to create motivation and productivity. We will help you to unleash your potential and your mind will be the last thing to take you out!

Often it’s just a case of going back to basics where NUTRITION is concerned.  We’ll support you on this and also help design and develop a Nutritional plan for you.

INTELLIGENT EXERCISE is all done using the Reformer machine and a dedicated workout plan will be designed for you to meet your personal goals and needs.